About Us

Cage Payments was founded in 2009 with one goal in mind, to help high-risk online merchants find better payment solutions.

These days it seems that there are more companies then ever who are trying to get a piece of the massive high-risk billing pie. Unfortunately, many of these companies know little or nothing about working with high-risk merchants.

Cage Payments works with a large number of banks that accept high-risk merchants. Many of these banks do not make public that they take high-risk business, such as adult, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. So without the help of our company you are unlikely to find these financial institutions. Many of these banks are well-respected Tier One institutions, which don’t make this fact public because they don’t want their name associated with products such as adult. But they are more then happy to work with you through our contacts to place high-risk business.

So when you work with Cage Payments you get preferred rates and terms, but more important then that, you get secure financial relationships with banks that aren’t going away. You know your money is safe.

Plus Cage Payments never holds your money. After the merchant account is placed you work directly with the bank. If you ever need anything, we are always there to service you and act as your advocate with the bank.

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